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Slake is a coffee shop based in Lyon which offers quality products from selected specialty coffee beans, home made pastries to healthy and varied food cooked by our own chefs.


Inspired by the New Zealand way of life, you will feel a mix between the English spirit and the French culture inside our wall and in our food.


At Slake, you will only taste specialty coffee. But what is it exactly ?

It is a coffee with higher quality, whose main feature is its traceability. Indeed, each bean comes from a specific area with its specific producer who respects a very unique and rigorous follow-up process. It is also a coffee with pronounced flavors (bitterness, acidity, sweetness...) and developed aromas (fruity, chocolaty, woody, herby...)


Within our coffee house, we mainly work with the local roasters Mokxa and Kaffa Roastery, but we also welcome roasters from all over the world.


Our experienced baristas will offer you different process of coffee extractions from the espresso to the slow coffee methods such as the V60, the Aeropress or the Chemex.

Feel free to ask them anything ! They will be more than happy to share their knowledge with you !

Of course, we serve the essentials and best sellers such as the Cappuccino, the Flat White, the Latte and other coffee and milk drinks (with beautiful Latte Art).

Not only you can taste and drink coffee at our shop, you can also buy the beans. We sell fresh and ground coffee beans for espresso or filter coffee machines !



Yes we are coffee makers, but that is not what we only do !

You will be able to taste signature drinks such as our very own home made Chaï Latte, the Charcoal and Golden Latte, the Hot Chocolate with its chocolate lollipop and our Winter Potion !

We also offer a various selection of tea leaves, infusions and fresh drinks.



From Monday to Friday between 9am to 11.30am and Saturday from 10am to 11.30am.

At Slake, we also serve savory and sweet breakfasts. They are cooked with healthy, efficient and savery local products.


Feel like you need more sweets for breakfast ? Our pastry chefs have cooked home made Anglo-Saxon pastries or a delicious panna cotta  with honey and home made granola just for you !


Granola bowl  4,50


Butter & jam 4,50
Peanuts butter & jam 5

Homemade spread 5


Mini bun with Coppa, scrambled eggs & spinach &  honey mustard sauce 5,5


From monday to saturday, start at 12 pm


At Slake, we like good, fresh and seasonnal products. We offer a fast and easy way of eating with healthy and quality food.

That's what we also are : a fast and healthy restaurant with fresh products in Lyon !

Our recipes change every day following the seasons and the products we find at the local markets.

So for every lunch break, you will be able to eat some wraps, mixed salads, soups (in winter only), focaccias (in summer only) and our famous quiches.

As we wish to make everyone happy, we offer a vege and a vegan option every day from Monday to Saturday.


Salade 7
Quesadilla 8

Wrap 6,5
Quiche 7


All day long, you will have the chance to treat yourself with the essentials of our home made Anglo-Saxon pastries : cookies, financiers, brownies, cheesecake, carrot cake... To this list we also add a unique specialty of the day which is created by our talented pastry chefs.

We also offer some gluten free and/or dairy free pastries.

Cookie aux pépites de chocolat  2,5

Cookie - Full chocs  2,5

Sablé breton 2

Brownie 3,5

Banana bread 4

Cake citron  Gluten-free & lactose-free 4

Carrot Cake 4,5

Cheesecake  4,5




We change our menu every season


- Every sunday –








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Lun - Ven 08h30 - 19h

Sam - Dim 10h - 19h